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Getting a key replacement at a retail store can be tedious and take a long time. Our technicians are mobile locksmiths with all of our equipment in the truck. If you need a key replacement made and you are not at home you won’t have to be inconvenience.

It can be a long drive to find someone to fix keys or to replace lost home keys. Locksmith surprise is the perfect company for you to call. Our mobile technicians are great at what they do and will do a key replacement within minutes of responding to your call.

Home lockouts do nothing but aggravate you. The time that you lose trying to get back into your house you can’t get back. Locksmith surprise understands this and will respond to you within a reasonable amount of time from the time you call our customer service specialists.

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home-keyNothing pleases us more than hearing the thank you from our customers when we open their house lock. Locksmith surprise is a reliable locksmith service you can trust.

Do you need a lock change? Locksmith surprise is a complete locksmith service that can do home lockouts and locks change.

It doesn’t have to be a serious problem anymore to have a technician come out to your home and change the locks for whatever reason you need.

home key serviceWe offer amazing prices that can’t be beat in the industry and a level of professionalism that is un-matched.

When you realized you have lost your home keys it can be a scary feeling to think that someone may find your keys. When you call locksmith surprise you can rest in knowing that we will come out and do a lock change that will give you back your security.

No other home lockout service provider responds to home lockouts as fats as we do. Call one of our customer service specialists today to have a any of our service done for you.